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The physical aspect – Hatha Yoga use poses and focused breathing, requiring concentration and discipline. The result is a greater union of mind, body and spirit. Anyone, regardless or body type, age, experience, or physical abilities, can practice yoga. Yoga can be performed by seniors, physically challenged people, and even children/ anyone.

A yoga session will leave you felling energized and relaxed. You will work your muscles and will properly align your bones; you will breathe deeply, oxygenating the lungs and blood; you will experience true deep relaxation.

Hatha yoga (physical posture – with asanas) is one of six branches; the others include Raja, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, and Tantra yoga.

Also Ashtanga Yoga has eight branches (steps) like (i) Yama, deals with one’s ethical standards (ii) Niyama, has to do with self-discipline and spiritual observances. (iii) Asanas, the postures practiced in yoga (iv) Pranayama – Breathe control (v) Pratyahara – withdrawal or sensory transcendence. Pratyahara – the setting for (vi) dharana, or concentration. (vii) Dhyana – Meditation or contemplation, the seventh stage of ashtanga. Where dharana practices one-pointed attention, dhyana is ultimately a state of being keenly aware without focus. (viii) Ecstasy – here is to merge with the oneness or interconnection with everything; experiencing the blizz and being one with the universe.

It is best to have fresh air in a quiet and clean place that suits the concentration and awareness, yoga will create. Do not practice yoga in direct sunlight or after sun-bathing. Outdoors is OK but you should avoid cold wind and insects. Wear loose comfortable yoga clothing so there is no restriction around  the limbs.

Exercise on an empty stomach at least three hours after eating. Do not force your body under any circumstances. Many people don’t take heed of this advice. They try to push their bodies into the exercises, whether the body is ready or not. This is a great mistake which does more harm than you can imagine.

1. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)


If there is no time for yoga, try and do at least one or two rounds of the Sun Salutation and see the difference. Perfectly fits for everyone. Please check the pictorial representation and follow the steps slowly and breathe gently every step. More than any other exercise including swimming. It has the yoga postures like,


Padmasana (& Cross Legged Posture)


Sit cross legged or in padmasana. You can use dhyan mudra in hands as shown in the picture or simply rest your hands above knees.
Breathing exercises can be followed here as you wish. Keep the back straight. Apply sambavi mudra if you want to meditate in that position and so on. Open/ close eye meditations can be performed.

Other simple yoga postures which you can do your own for healthy life are given below. Follow as per your convenience as easy as possible and keep fit. Contact for any assistance/ guidance. Also refer to other yoga websites for more information.







Consult with physician/ doctor for some postures if you have, fracture/blood pressure/undergone any surgery

Happy Yoga Therapy!