Yoga is a discipline including/ starting with breathing control, simple meditation, mudras and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation. It is not a tough and secret practice as some people think; but just you need a simple knowledge to understand the methods and follow the same for healthy and happy life. This section covers only simple breathing and meditation. Rest are covered in part 2 section.


Cure for Head-ache/ Migraine and Sinus problems

1. Alternate Breathing (Nivarana Swasa): Very important and life saving method of breathing. This removes / cures any stomach, head (brain) and lungs related problems (ailments) which will directly heals the entire system. General head-aches, sinus, asthma, stomach related pain and diseases (including chronic), menses (menstruation) problems/ cardiac arrest / pain and everything related to gets cured.

  • Just stand straight in a clean place. Put your hands down. Breathe slowly (inhale and exhale) one time.
  • Turn your head 90 degree left and breathe slowly (inhale and exhale) one time.
  • Then turn your head to opposite side 180 degree right side. Breathe slowly (inhale and exhale) one time.
  • Again be straight and breathe slowly (inhale and exhale) one time.
  • Repeat this cycle for 2 to 3 times and that is enough.


  • You can only follow the above method alone if you do not have time to do the rest of breathing exercises and yoga.
  • Here no holding of breathe (kumbagam) is necessary. Breathe slowly and normally. Let the air goes well in the stomach area (not only lungs) and come out.


  • Gives more pranic energy (life force).
  • Pranic healing automatically happens.
  • Balances our chakras and cleansing auras.
  • You may feel very energetic and rejuvenated in seconds.
  • No chance of getting cardiac arrest/ heart attacks as it regulates blood flow.
  • Great stress relief.
  • More than brain yoga results.
  • Most of the pain or problems gets cured in seconds / minutes.etc

2. Breath/Breathing Control: There are only 2 major types that can be followed other than the normal breathing.

Long breathe (Maha Swasa):  i.e. Inhale and exhale bit long slowly. Your chest automatically expands little and becomes normal every time. As you do this gently without much strain the lungs, brain and the whole body gets refreshed makes you healthy by consuming more oxygen. Repeat for 5 to 10 times as per your convenient.
Controlled breathe (Pranayama): Most followed method is inhale through one nostril (starting with right/ left) hold for min 5 seconds and exhale by another nostril by closing the other side. Use your thumb + ring and small finger for opening and closing nostrils. Again change the cycle left to right and repeat for 5 seconds. After finishing 5 cycles; (left & right – totally five times) feel free, relax and you can continue routine work. Or you can start any meditation or yoga etc.

But do it in a clean place where there is no much pollution or bad odours

There are so many advantages of breathing exercise.

  • Keeps the doctor away (as many physical or mental problems are fixed automatically).
  • Cures most of the diseases (including deadly ones).
  • Increases life span. (giving longevity – long life).
  • Balances subtle body chakras well and greater stress relief.
  • Giving complete relaxation (also keeps you fit before starting any Yoga or Mediation).
    Controls pressure, sugar, sodium and other problems in blood and keeps the circulation regular.
  • No side-effects as breathing (limited oxygen) is necessary for human being.
    Improves intuition, memory power, activeness etc. and so on.

3. Meditation: Meditation comes under two types simply (i) Open eyes meditation and (ii) Closed eyes meditation. Meditation is just stopping the thoughts and focusing or thing a single object or picture etc. Just to have thoughtless mind automatically keeps you in present (no past or future thoughts).

Open eyes meditation: Take some long breathes 5 times and sit comfortably on chair or floor cross legged posture. No padmasana position required. A small black circle or square usually 5 cm diameter or sides printed on a chart can be chosen. Keep it in front at eyes level and focus on the shape (usually 3 to 5 feet distance) by avoiding other mental thoughts. Do not close eyes for sometime; usually 30 to 60 seconds which is easy for you. Slowly increasing the time without closing eyes for minutes will improve the meditation and mind power. Sometimes there will be watering eyes; but good that cleansing eyes won’t affect anything physically. Do it for 10 minutes every day and relax well. Close the session. No mantras or prayers required simply. The object that we focus might be anything like flower, sun, moon, star or any symbol. But choose good one as per your wish.


Closed eyes meditation: Breathing long for 5 times to relax first. Then sit comfortably on chair or floor cross legged (no padmasana position). Close your eyes and focus between eyebrows internally as per your convenience or simply concentrate in that area with no thoughts. Initially it will be difficult but will be fine after few sessions. No side effects. Also you can think a still picture or image of anything positively or keeps you happy (like a particular natural scenery, a spiritual place like temple or church or mosque etc, a deity or angel, globe, symbols or shapes, tarot cards etc. Focus mentally on the same by concentrating between eyebrows or normally. This also brings your mind to present (no past or future thoughts). Continue the session for maximum 10 minutes and slowly close the session by counting 10 to 1; relax and feel free.

There are so many advantages of meditation:

  • No physical and mental stress.
  • Improves your memory, concentration and focused attention.
  • Improved eye sight and brain power.
  • Controlled thoughts and handling any situation with more positive approach.
  • Removes negativity in and around physical and aura.
  • More spiritual power felt and gateway for yogic exercises (physical postures).
  • Excellent life balance in all the areas including career. and so on.