As per vedic astrology people are born under any one of the 27 stars which in turn creates/called as constellations – 12 zodiac signs. Similar thing is applicable for 12 moon/lunar signs in vedic astrology. If you generate vedic astrology chart, you will get your star name from 27 stars. There are different names also exists for each star. Read accordingly. Based on the birth star, please check the predictions  as summary below! 

Star1Aswini (Ashwathi) Star : People who are born in Aswini star are independent and will achieve success through your own efforts/ hardwork, may receive assistance from others. Opposition from relatives/ friends should be anticipated. Your personality combines religious inclination together with good memory, knowledge and wisdom. A variety of problems may occur in your life; but no worries. Though you are financially cautious, you may miscalculate the amount of your savings. Your decisions are carefully considered but once you have established your position you remain inflexible, even at the request of those closest to you. You are fond of neatness and cleanliness, even in your interactions with the outside world. You have a powerful sense of responsibility. You have excellent administrative skills.

Barani (Abarana) Star : People born in Barani star may believe in living life by own rules. Yet you will try to avoid causing others concern or worry on your behalf. However, you are still disposed to discussing your disappointments. You have the capacity to intuitively grasp difficult concepts. Therefore, you will do well in the field of education. You have a deep appreciation of many subjects. Your devotion to duty will help you both in employment and in trade. Remember, however, that you may have to face serious obstacles, and unwanted competition. At the same time this attitude causes worries as well. You are likely to be a quick-tempered man with poor tolerance for others. Your dental health should be a matter of care and concern from an early age. Relatives or in-laws may at times cause worries for both you and your wife sometimes.

Kirthigai (Kirthika) Star : People under Kirthigai/ Karthikai star will be exposed to a variety of experiences. You find yourself capable of devious action, yet you have a strong sense of responsibility. Your talent will be expressed in competitions and debates. You need independence and self-determination, and thus are unsatisfied with being obligated to others. You will be renowned for your leadership skills. You will do well far away from your place of birth. Since your rise in life will be comparatively slow, peace of mind will be lacking. You are generally lucky to have an understanding wife. It is upto you to strive to make life happier. As a father, you have to face a certain share of problems on account of children. Generally, your life will improve during the latter half. Health problems can be avoided by better care.

Rohini Star : People born in Rohini star tend to accept people and co-operate with them without analysis or expectation. You will achieve recognition in certain areas. However, it is rather difficult for you to be systematic. As a man, you are advised to be careful about trusting people in your business dealings. You are quick to anger but also quick to forget that anger. It is easy to please you. You should take much more care to plan your financial future wisely. You spend money freely and thoughtlessly. You may be the victim of malicious and unnecessary gossip. However, you are capable of overcoming any problem. You will earn the love and tenderness of your wife and relatives. Moreover, your tolerance and patience are below average. Although you may notice the failings of others, your primary intention is not malicious. The possibility of urinary or lung problems exist; take proper medical treatment for long-term ailments.

Mirgasirsham (Mirgasira) star : Mirgasirsham born people nature is humility in behaviour is apparent even when you are young. But someone who is close to you will turn against you. The second half of your life will be much more comfortable. You will excel in your chosen field; but, set reasonable goals for yourself. You are considerate and respectful of other’s opinions, but do not believe anyone blindly. Problems may arise during your marriage which may even cause a separation; however, your progress in life is dependent on the presence of a supportive partner. Therefore, it is wise to minimize tensions. General cleanliness is important to you. But you can be comparatively weak and therefore prone to agitation over minor matters. Better keep stomach problems under control by following proper diet.

Thiruvadurai (Arudra) Star : People under Arudra are generally you will achieve success in life after you attain certain maturity. You have the ability to diversify your interests and focus on several things at one time. You are research-minded. You make good progress in academics and in gaining knowledge. You will also do well in public activities. The main obstacle toward your advancement is your inability to pacify others at any cost, or bow in front of others. May have occasional friction with your wife; however, family life will on the whole be pleasant and peaceful. Sometimes, you may feel that the physical and emotional satisfaction you get from your wife is inadequate. You may experience delays, either conscious or otherwise, in having children. Blood and reproductive systems may need attention. Keep fit always.

Punarpoosam (Punarvasu) Star : Punarvasu star people are very gentle. It is rather impossible for you to associate with anything unfair and untrue. Luck and skill are inborn. You may invite unwanted displeasures and quarrels. You are more concerned about acceptance and respect, than wealth. In spite of material comfort, discord in the family atmosphere is common. It is easy to please you, and easier still to irritate you. All that is required is a little bit of care in your words and announcements. Health is generally good, but you are always worried about it. You enjoy the fascinations and conveniences of modern life. As a father, you may have some worries due to your children; but, your children will also bring you much happiness.

Poosam (Pushyam) Star : Poosam people may tend to expend energy in several, purposeful and purposeless, enterprises. Hence, certain projects you work on may not meet with success. You are also capable of creating and even enjoying difficult situations. As you are a skilled efficient man, there is no need to be disappointed. You will probably move away from the place of birth. You will enjoy your journeys. You are likely to misunderstand your wife and be misunderstood. Your lungs may cause you trouble, therefore take care of them early. Since you are a good conversationalist, you will be the life of the party. Unlike many other men, you have rigid ideas about appropriate behavior and appearance for you and your family.

Aayilyam (Aslesha) Star : People born in Aslesha/ Ayilyam star are disciplined, desire to regulate and monitor every facet of your existence. But you are not lucky enough to enjoy all that you have acquired by hard work. You can easily ignore the unpleasant events which cause worry and divert the mind. You tend to be miserly but you can be lavish in certain areas. You do not appreciate the worth of family life. Typical qualities such as strength of mind, will-power, skill and independent thinking are associated with you. You may experience many problems, in the arenas of friendship and family relationships. Although you may be basically honest, others regard you with suspicion.

Magam Star : Magam people culd have growth and progress in life are generally favorable. You are a knowledgeable and calm man. You will achieve success in scientific, technical and public activities. You value tradition, and respect the standards of your community. You are a good judge of the future. Your stability and sense of principles are firm. You are a loyal friend. But this loyalty creates the enmity of others. You are confident and capable of handling or managing what you want. This minimizes the need to ask others for help. You and your partner will probably delay starting a family until it is convenient for you. Mostly dominant characters.

Pooram (Poorvapalghuni) Star : Pooram star people have a well-developed personality and are a man of aesthetic sense. You prefer a calm and quite life with less power and show. As a man/women, a degree of nobility and decency is evident in all dealings. You are bound to succeed in whatever you do. You may not achieve the station you deserve in life, but it must be emphasized that you will also not face any major failures in life. Considering your approach, you should have a warm circle of friends. Some people may consider you proud or overconfident. Although married life will ultimately be happy, you have some chance of separation. Proper compatibility is must. You will enjoy a good relationship with your children. Health problems will most probably be connected with gastric trouble.

Uthiram (Uthirapalghuni) Star : As born in Uthiram star, you are born a generally lucky child. You will achieve what you want by your own unusual hard work. You are an extravagant spender. You will be a pleasure-seeking individual. Untainted sincerity, clear principles and unstinting decency are all relevant parts of your personality. When you get angry, you lose control and do or say anything, but you soon repent. You are prepared to help others to the exclusion of your own interests. You will have to work hard and diligently to solve problems. You are very sensitive to criticism. Generally, you meet all your goals in life. You keep your word.

Hastham Star : If you are born in Hastham star, you may have occasional failures. Your wealth and progress are initially unsteady. Success may be followed quickly by failure or regression. Although your intentions are honest, your manner might not be diplomatic enough. This could be a serious obstacle to your progress in life. Your financial progress is affected because of your various responsibilities and problems. You should guard against committing yourself to romantic involvements when you suspect the loyalty of your intended partner. But when the early hurdles are overcome, your marriage should be fairly happy. Nevertheless, there will be some problems relating to either your spouse or your children.

Chitirai (Chaitra) Star : Chitra/ Chitirai borns are capable of facing any type of problem with courage. Due to your special skills and abilities, it is not surprising that you are a bit head-strong. Although you may appear accommodating, you do not believe in or rely on the advice or opinions of anyone, including your spouse. This may be a cause for enmity and opposition within and without the home. Your wife may not be able to understand the depth of your concern for her. You tend to be too independent and since this could be deceptive, you are urged to cultivate the spirit of interdependence.

Swathi Star : Swathi star born people are of special skills and many talents. Your success is a manifestation of your own efforts. You do not tolerate any type of opposition or criticism. You tend to treat your critics with undue unkindness. Thus, you create more enemies than friends. Scandals and blames also will be on the increase. However, you do take care of those who love you. Your masculine qualities, like strong determination and mental power are a source of help in many areas. You have to make special efforts to make a successful family life. Stomach problems are possible. Do regular exercises.

Visagam (Vaisaga) Star : People under Visagam star, give very little importance to traditional values and beliefs even as a young boy. You have clearly and individually developed views on life. You tend to be separated from members of your family. You have all the tools to make you a successful individual. You do not act blindly and thoughtlessly, and your concern and understanding for others will definitely be noticed and appreciated. You enjoy pleasure and are keenly interested in enjoyment with partners. At times you may seem overly selfish in this regard. This may be a cause for problems in your family life. Think twice before you do certain important things.

Anusham (Anuradha) Star : Anuradha/ Anusham star borns, face more problems in life compared to others. You must be ready to work hard to fulfil the responsibilities you have undertaken. Often you may feel that the results you get are not proportional to the efforts made. Unwise thought and action may cause you much trouble. You tend to go out of the way to seek pleasure and this could have damaging effects. You are not that keen on presenting a fancy external image to the world. You appeal to women with strong emotions. Despite the turbulence of your pre-matrimonial existence, you will enjoy a calm and happy life with your family. Your relatives will enjoy and appreciate your company.

Kettai (Jyeshta) Star : Jyeshta/ Kettai borns are changeable individual who makes quick decisions without considering all the factors involved. You are extremely aware of the world around you and you will probably live far from the place of your birth. Your outlook will be markedly different than that of your childhood friends, or members of your community. It is hard for you to tolerate difficult situations. But you will enjoy a happy married life. You will do well if your fascination for alcohol and other intoxicants is kept under control. You may have to face recrimination and blame for events that you had no part in. You will enjoy a pleasant home, but there may be problems in the home due to your wife or children. Feelings of helplessness may ultimately serve as a guide toward a truer, deeper understanding of God.

Moolam Star : As you are born in Moolam star, though you are a capable, you may not gain economic success consistent with your potential. Either through your parentage or through your upbringing, you will be able to claim a distinct advantage over others. You have a sincere manner and a good sense of humor. You assume that everything will go well and therefore refuse to control your expenses. You come into contact with and gain the confidence of important individuals. However, you are innately humble. You are lucky in dealings with people and objects from other countries. Problems due to your spouse or your children cannot be avoided, but remember to be diplomatic in all family dealings. Lack of diplomacy may cause a variety of problems.

Pooradam (Poorvashada) Star : Pooradam people are an imaginative man with a quick wit and clever conversation. You advise and criticize others, but are not particularly concerned with their opinions. You need to be propelled into action rather than act on your own accord. Parental luck will be unsteady, so watch it carefully. You do not make or retain good friends early. You may experience divorce, disappointment, or significant delay before you are happily married. So proper matching or compatibility check required. Your marriage may be the result of an unusual situation. However, you will be happy in your life partnership, and you will find relief and comfort in the loving care of your spouse.

Uthiradam (Uthrashada) Star : Born under Uthiradam star; you understand the realities of life. You therefore develop a mature outlook comparatively early. You are careful to present your family in the best light possible. You will experience a mixture of good and bad luck. However, you will progress steadily in the field in which you participate. Your life is organized and systematic. You are careful and deliberate in your speech and mannerisms. Your great regard for the well-being of others may serve to ruin your own chances for getting ahead. Try to maintain a mental equilibrium. This is especially true since you find it hard to deal harshly with others. The barriers to a happy life may be caused by the ill-health of your wife, or the actions of your children.

Thiruvonam (Shravanam) Star : Thiruvonam/Sravana star people have a distinctive and commanding personality. Your words and actions demonstrate your innate nobility. But often others do not treat you in the manner in which you feel you should be treated. You are not willing to wander through life aimlessly. You are adamant about your needs and you try to achieve them by whatever means possible. However, you will maintain your principles. Despite your seeming lack of concern for others, you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of your family. You have a deep desire to help others. You are prone to secretive worries; however, you will lead a good life. Although there may be disappointments, you will ultimately find peace with the person you love.

Avittam (Dhanishta) Star : People born in Avittam will have definite aims and goals in life. You will struggle to do everything possible to overcome any obstacles to the advancement of your goals. You are generally quite lucky. Regardless of your educational background, you exhibit special intellectual abilities. Your own family may cause you some anxiety and concern. You may have to struggle to maintain family property. You will be attracted to science and literature. You will gradually achieve self-confidence and a sense of worth. Your life-partner should be able to appreciate you and should also be willing to look after you in the event that you become ill.

Sathayam (Sathabisheka) Star : Sathayam borns are a polite, hospitable, caring individual. Your expertise lies in the fields of construction and production. Your creativity needs a sound and viable outlet. You are a secretive individual and there are many things about you that you do not even tell your spouse. You are clever and quick-witted but you have a tendency to get bored easily. You may feel that the essence of togetherness or oneness is lacking in your love relationships. You may be easy to anger and thus cause domestic problems. The structure and order that you seek within the home may be a fantasy. Difficulties in your relationships may lead to either temporary or permanent separations. Take extra precautions to counter kidney or bladder ailments. Also try and curb your addiction to few things.

Pooratathi (Poorva-Batra) Star : Pooratathi/Poorvabatra star people, regardless of whether you have an easy or hard childhood, you will manage to find contentment in most things. You believe in justice and hard work. You are a fairly good judge of human nature. Your capacity to love, and act generously because of that love, is enormous. However, your anger or hatred can be equally strong. After you develop a stable romantic relationship, you will learn to react less emotionally to others around you. Your focus will be on the woman you love and on your children. You will be a proud and happy parent. You may have some  gastric/arthritis problems. Please do proper health check.

Uthiratathi (Uthra-Batra) Star : This Uthiratathi/ Uthrabatra borns believe in the value of your word and the sanctity of your values. Your standing in society is dependent more on your personality than on your monetary position. People will like and respect you. You are sometimes impractical, but always honest and most often level-headed. You are aware of the world around you but you may refuse to be swayed by the actions of others. Ironically, you can be extremely quick-tempered as well as extremely practical and calm, depending on what the situation warrants. A variety of delays and problems may manifest themselves from time to time in the life of your family. The second-half of your life will be more rewarding than the first. Once you find the person who fulfils all your emotional needs, you will remain a faithful and dedicated spouse.

Revathi Star : Revathi star people are a sincere, straightforward and open-minded individual. Though quick to anger, you do not conceal your true self from others. Since you have confidence in your abilities, you should be encouraged to stick by your convictions. You are fully competent to judge yourself and others. You may be a little cold toward others since you are basically an extremely independent individual. Your love relationships will be decidedly turbulent. You may have to endure a separation or a divorce before you finally learn to accept your mate. Not for all but few. Take ample care of your heart and stomach. Do yoga and meditation to realize self.

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