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Below the products are available for worship or to keep in the pooja room and chant mantras as per astrologer’s advice. They can be used to achieve anything positively/ goodwill in life as per alternative belief system.

1) Sri Sampurna Yantra/ Chakram or Sri chakram (all purpose yantra)

If you are willing to complete a task like a marriage or business growth, job, property matter to be done, or anything it could be then start lighting up lamp (with any recommended oil or ghee) for the yantra during morning or evening or night with the intentions, pray for the same with simple mantras for 10 to 15 min atleast. (Candles or Dhoop sticks are also ok if you cannot light up lamp). Do it daily whenever possible until getting the job done. Simple mantra – Say “Om Maha Ganapathy 10 times” + “Om Sakthi Om Kaali 108 times” + “Om Muruga 108 times”. Also Narayana/ Sudarsana, Dhakshinamurthy, Kubera Lakshmi, Chidambara chakra, Sri chakram, Swarna Bairava, Subramanya, Ganapathy, Hanuman etc yantras available). 6″x 6″ costs 25 US$ or 1600 Indian Rupees Including postal charges!12“x 12” costs 45 US$ or 2700 Indian Rupees Including postal charges! Buy Online – Click Here!

2) Mercury Idols

Hanuman idol to pray hanuman at home or office. Just keep in pooja room or prayer room and chant mantras as per your wish for Hanuman. Very powerful to achieve the job done! Mercury rudraksha is to wear like normal rudraksha or keep in prayer room to do shiva pooja to get more blessings! Small mercury beads to wear around neck or hip level to attract more cosmos / mind -body-soul balance. Small bead costs 20 US$ or 1200 Indian Rupees. Medium bead costs 40 US$ or 2300 Indian Rupee.  Idol costs 50 US$ or 3000 Indian Rupees Including postal charges! Buy Online – Click Here!

3) Rakshai/ Talisman/ Amulet (powered)

This can be used around the neck or hip in chain or thread. It removes bad / malefic effects, stops bad/ negative forces to enter physically & mentally. Regular chant can be done to increase or keep the power permanently in the Rakshas. Can be used for any job/ work achievement (Karya Siddhi). Hanuman, Kaali, Narasimha, Ganapathy, Subramanya, Rudra, Kubera-Lakshmi etc are available. That means the particular deity’s chakram is placed inside and powered. Normal (Copper or White Metal) Talisman costs 15 US$ or 900 Indian Rupees! Silver Talisman costs 30 US$ or 3000 Indian Rupees – Including postal charges!  Buy Online – Click Here!

4) Bana Lingam (Lord Shiva)


Black Bana Lingam available like 1.5 or 2 inches (known as Shiva Salaigramam) are available for worship/ pooja purpose to keep at home pooja room or office. Purposes are; attracting Lord Shiva blessings to achieve any request in prayers/ pooja, removes negative or evil eye effect, improves life span, financial status and education etc. Also maha mirthyanjam can be performed with mantra upadesam. Minimum 5 Bana Lingam will give the best divine result! 5 Costs 50 US$ or 3000 Indian Rupees– Including postal charges! Buy Online – Click Here!

5) Coral Ganesh (Red Coral – 1 inch)


Carry in pocket and chant/ pray him everyday while going out; bring all the success everywhere. / Keep this inside gingily oil and apply on the head everyday. Also put 2 drop of this oil in regular divine lamp to get blessings of any angelic presence.  You can also keep this in your pocket to get more success everywhere. Available 1 inch; send mail or call / contact for other sizes to get confirmed. 5 Costs 50 US$ or 3000 Indian Rupees- Including postal charges!   Buy Online – Click Here!

 6) Small Pocket Yantras


Small pocket yantras are also available to carry anywhere for all the work done in favour of us. You can keep in pooja room under the lamp for any specific purpose as per astrologer guidance. These are generally 3×3 inches or 2×2 inches in size. Lakshmi, Shiva, Narayana, Ganesh, Sudarsana, Sri chakram, Varahi, Durga, Kaali etc are also available based on your requirement. 2×2 or 2×3 etc costs 15 US$ or 1000 Indian Rupees – Including postal charges!   Buy Online – Click Here!

7) Vishnu/ Narayana Saligram


As per hindu belief system, keeping saligramam as shown in above picture at home brings all the blessings of Lord Mahavishnu (Narayana). In some vedic texts it is given like he lives as in cosmic ocean in this saligramam too! There are many shapes like ball/ chakra/ oval shape etc available and generally to keep in prayer room -any 5 brings power to you/ children or family. Maximum you can keep seven. 5 items costs 80 US$ or 5000 Indian Rupees – Including postal charges!Buy Online – Click Here!

8) Maha Anjanam (Divine Black Paste)


Maha anjanam (Divine Black Paste): This can be used to attract love & affection of others who will be kind and in favour with goodwill.  Apply a little on top of head everyday. Good relationship can be maintained with everyone (Maha kariya siddhi). Solves husband & wife misunderstanding, family problems etc with mantra recitation regularly. Other purposes are wealth, prosperity, abundance and divine assistance attraction! You can enquire by mail or phone before purchasing.  1 set (2 pieces) costs 15 US$ or 1000 Indian Rupees– Including postal charges! Buy Online – Click Here!

Santhana Gopala Set

Mainly used for child birth for newly or already married couple. It has Santhana Krishna idol, two Rakshai, Anjanam & two small putra prapthi chakras. Instructions to be provided along with the product like how to use the same! 1 set costs 80 US$ or 4500 Indian Rupees – Including postal charges. Buy Online – Click Here!


Little Meru! (Sri Chakra Meru)

Very powerful meru which will be helpful for various purposes like work/job success, marriage, removal of negativity, customer attraction, prosperity, abundance, winning situations etc! 2 pieces costs 18 US$ or 1000 Indian Rupees – Including postal charges. Buy OnlineClick Here!
Meru-PocketYou can keep 5 or 7 or 9 small merus (Srichakram) like this and perform holy abishegam as per your wish. Complete instructions will be provided with the product.