Hanumath Prasna Nadi

The nadi was written down in ancient Tamil script in palm leaf manuscripts. There are different types of nadis written down; one among them called Siva nadi, which is in a dialogue form between the Lord and his consort Parvati. Saint Kakabujanda also sang verses to his beloved disciple, and his nadi is called, kakabusanda nadi. There are Nadis like Ganesh Nadi, Muruga nadi, Tantra nadi, Shakti nadi, Atri nadi, Nandi nadi, Jeeva nadi and Sukar nadi. It is believed that these leaves are written only for the particular souls, who would seek the leaf, on their own according to a particular time.

Hanumath Prasanna Nadi

This is a special Nadi that the text appears dynamically on the palm leaf [or] directly in chozhi prasnam in response to the client’s query. Many Jeeva or Prasanna Nadi methods are available in India. Nandi, Brigu, Agasthiya, Sukar, Kagabujandar, Atri etc are some of the blessed Nadi methods.

The seeker to fix an appointment for a particular day/ time. After prayer, the conches or cowries (Chozis/ Shells) are thrown for getting the exact leaf/ reading method. Based on that number/ permission, the reader will reach to the leaf and start reading the mater to the question / query. Sometimes the details from the seeker taken first and Nadi may be read after few days when the permission available.

Hanumath Prasanna Nadi for any specific problem(s) query raised by anyone are noted by mail or phone or in person. Later when the Hanuman prasannam says to take Nadi during a particular auspicious day or time, the same will be written in the form of tamil poem and explained later to anyone. You can also provide your horoscope (or date of birth , time and place of birth) details to Guruji for more accuracy.

Tamil written poems of Nadi can be translated to English if required depending on the clients’ requests and remedies explained.

Examples of Queries

Who is family deity/ god or Kula Deivam?
Why continuous financial loss for me? What are the remedies?
Why family members or children are suffering too much? What are the remedies?
What are the reasons behind continuous separation of family members? What are the remedies?
When the permanent disease will get cured? What are the remedies?
Possible to continue my education or job? What are the remedies?
Why did he or she divorced? or No marriage in life? What are the remedies?
When we get own house/ land or vehicle? What are the remedies?
How to improve the business by removing blockages? What are the remedies?
What are the remedies to stop sudden dangers or loss?
Remedies to cure ancestors cursing?
Remedies to have long life?
Remedies to remove black magic / spells?
Remedies to cure planetary malefic effects?
Remedies to bring separated family members?
Any other…..query?

Like these queries if you want to know for yourself or your family, please send full details with horoscope (or Date of Birth, Time and Place of Birth). If you don’t have these, send your age & full name via email or filling the form in contact us page.

When the details are ready; will be informed shortly and readings gets completed.

Sample Prasna Nadi (Tamil) with Explanation in English! (read for a muslim person)

Sample Prasna Nadi (Tamil) for Hindu Person

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