Mirror Therapy (Reflection of Life!)

Law of Attraction! Achieve Anything for your complete being!

One of the greatest method of open eye – conscious meditation which affects our sub conscious mind effectively to achieve any result for our personal, health, wealth, career growth etc. Greater mind, body & soul connection and balance. Generally mirror reflects everything. People use the mirror for looking at or make up – generally combing hair, applying cream or powder on face, lipstick and all the related matters including all beauty parlour activities. Other areas are vehicles, cameras, lights etc. Size varies from small to large depending on the place and requirements. There are multiple applications of mirror practically in all the areas which reflects everything and we make use of the necessary things only.

What is Mirror Therapy?
Mirror Therapy is nothing but sub conscious mind programming or implementing affirmations through immediate reflection by looking at your face or partial / whole body in the mirror. (But while talking to yourself; look at your face only.)

How to perform Mirror Therapy?
Make up your self. Wear good dress/ costume. Generally good looking face which/as you like. Just simply stand infront of mirror and look at your face. You can start simply with the following sentences.

“Hi or Hello “…Name of the person (your name)”. God bless you! Good day with more love and affection. More achievements and success are in progress. You love yourself and others very well. Everyone loves you so much and you are really looking good. You feel great and looks more rejuvenated. You have good health, wealth, abundance and prosperity. You are able to continue your routine and new upcoming activities with high performance and good achievements. Wish you good luck!”

You can add or change the sentences according to your style and situation. But let everything be positive & good to you and others. Be more cautious about any negative sentences; try to avoid any thing which will lead to negative direction as the results will be negative. Use only affirmative type sentences/ affirmations.

What should be the size of Mirror?
Generally any good mirror (plain one); which shows only your face is also enough. Or 6” x 6” to any bigger in size. You can use dressing table mirror as well. Just stand in front and look at your face. That’s all! Do not shake the mirror at any time until the therapy session is over.

When this therapy session can be performed?
Any time in a day whenever you are comfortable. But just be sure that you will not be disturbed in the middle of your session.

How long the session can be continued?
10 to 15 minutes are quite good. But you can write down if you think that some sentences will be missed out. Else you can directly continue with any of affirmations as mentioned in the above example.

How many times in a day these sessions can be done?
One time a day is fine. But if you have time, please do twice a day. That is more than enough.

What are the requests/ commands can be placed?
Anything that is affirmative for your growth. Marriage, Career, Health, Wealth, Luck, Prosperity, Abundance, Change of situation, Travel, Friends, Good Network, Genuine Goodness etc. Mirror reflects what you put in front of you. Check above example in the second question.

How do we know it started working?
Immediately after the session you may feel some vibration in and around you. You may sense the same for sure. On the same day, you may meet a person whom you are willing to. / or you may get some good news in favour of your situation / or You may find some good thing in a bad situation too. or/ you will have new perception to look in to the matters in a different way/ or You may get some divine dreams which will take you to astral travel as third eye gets opened; and so on. It is everyone’s individual experience.

Is it possible to do this for others?
Yes. As your intention is good for them and their growth and success; please do for others. You can talk to yourself in the session like mentioning their name… ex: “Your friend Allan is fine and he started recovering from the illness”. This will workout for them and at the same time you will get blessings from divine as you try to help others.

How this method really works?
Very simple. When some one speaks in front of you with all your good qualities and motivates by highlighting your skills; you are definitely on top and you will be so confident to produce better results. Similarly you speak to yourself as you stand in front of the mirror; you may feel that your soul / spirit speaks to you (really does). Activates right side of the brain and affects sub consciously in depth and pushes in the same direction for achievements!

What are the benefits of mirror therapy?
Generally your wishes and targets can be achieved. On the other hand, it directly opens your third eye (energy point or chakra between eyebrows – subtle), improves your intuition power. Connects yourself with divine- means you are more divine being than normal human being. Also open eye meditation and mind yoga therapy achieved. Automatically chakra balancing happens and cleanses your entire system. Combines sub conscious; alpha mind power, psycho symbology  and affirmative therapy. You are keeping yourself on track by setting up actual goals. Karma (past and present life actions and reactions) getting cleared or changes to new direction positively. Curing physical and emotional traumas. Also it has infinite number of benefits includes mind, body and soul with universe.

Is this yoga or therapy?
In one way leads to meditation and yoga. We can call it as Mirror Yoga or meditation or therapy.

At what distance we have to stand/ sit in front of mirror?
Not too far. Generally 1 to 3 feet is fine.

Why do we choose mirror?
In any spiritual journey, either do outer or inner journey. How do you travel inwards? It is by proper meditation/yoga with the help of a Guru’s guidance and inner journey is reflection of the universe. Similarly, mirror does the job of reflecting you by acting as Guru and shows who you are actually. It is the universal reflection; and only a mirror can do the job simply. Mirror helps you to achieve inner journey and leads to outer journey too!

But definitely do not look at the mirror with negative thoughts and emotions as it gets multiplied and reflects on you internally and externally. Please try to avoid this as it leads to disaster.

Does it combines yoga, therapy, meditation or healing?
In all the ways…Yes. Though it is very simple technique, produces amazing outcomes. Combines yoga, meditation, therapy, psychological, healing power etc. It keeps your complete being fit spiritually, emotionally, physically, energetically and everything.

Shall we follow only mirror therapy?
It depends. If you feel that you are ok to follow only this. Then please do so. Also if you need additional support for physical or emotional or spiritual advancements please follow other methods. It is your wish completely. All the methods will help as many things are covered in the different sections in this website.

Why the sentences says ‘YOU’ instead of ‘I’ in the mirror therapy?
That is the way of addressing as a person standing infront of you. If you use the “I” then it is ok for simple affirmative therapy. But in mirror therapy use “YOU” as it points out – you as a person (whole being) in this universe produces extraordinary results by reflection.

How many mirrors can be used in mirror therapy?
Only one mirror is okay to do the needful. Better not to go for many mirrors as it affects the therapy by reflecting in zig-zac manner if not placed in correct angles. So better to do with single mirror.

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What are the DOs and DONTs of mirror therapy?


  1. Be happy, polite and kind when you look at the mirror (actually when you see your reflection).
  2. Speak loud enough without any fear or shyness as you speak to yourself/ your own spirit and soul.
  3. Keep smiley and confident face when you look at your self.
  4. Spend as much time as you like.
  5. Watch yourself clearly including your movements.
  6. Start with “Hello …..name….You do very well or you are looking great”..kind of sentences and finish the session with “Wish you good luck. Thank you”.
  7. You can sit or stand; but the face must be visible 100% during the session.


  1. Do not look at the mirror (i.e. your face) with tears in eyes or sad face etc as it gives only negative results.
  2. Do not allow anybody to interfere in between your session. But others can watch during the session at a distance only. At least 10 feet away. But no one should speak except you.
  3. You should not watch anyone else in the mirror.
  4. Do not touch the mirror or do not allow others to touch the mirror during the session.
    Others need not touch you as well.
  5. Do not use irregular shape or broken mirrors. Shapes can be square, rectangle, oval, hexagonal etc.
  6. No concave or convex type of mirrors at any time for mirror therapy.

Happy Therapy Session!