Secret of achievement! (Symbolic Meditation/ Therapy)


Meditation or Dhyanam known as a state of thoughtless awareness. Mind is in different states or conditions like Beta, Alpha, Omega and Delta. It can be categorised in to different states; conscious, sub-conscious and super conscious (Universal mind). Most of the time mind is in high beta stage where by thinking past, present and future. Tensed mind is in high beta stage/ state and looses the control to give high pressure, nervousness, mental stress etc.

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Meditation is a state where by relaxing mind to alpha level (calm and relaxed state like – just before sleep) no other thoughts in mind and looking at everything without conscious mind interference. When the conscious mind (Beta mind) is switched off and looking at the real world things or activities by Alpha state or Right side brain state amazingly there won’t be any tension/ hyper -activeness etc.


One of the best meditation methods called symboloic meditation (Psyco/ phycological-symbology) where some general or common universal symbols used to say the sub-conscious mind (in alpha state) to achieve our goals like business improvement, education, health, wealth etc. Where the sub-conscious mind; directly connected to universal mind or super-conscious mind which executes all our needs. More or less our sub-conscious mind (right side brain) understands pictorial (symbolic) format of language, we focus on different symbols to meditate everyday to any achievement.

Example: Symbolic meditation (Therapy) 1. (Cure diseases or pain or physical illness)

No common steps for this yoga/meditation as you can do it at anytime or before sleep:

  • Sit straight on the chair/sofa etc (no crossing legs) or floor (cross legged) or lie down on the bed or floor.

  • If you want, do a short prayer (1 Min) to God to solve your problems or for achieving you goal.
  • Just wait or relax for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Automatically conscious mind slows down and you will be able to be present in alpha state (of sub-conscious mind). The right side brain is activated now!
  • This state is the bridge to connect with super-conscious mind (universal mind) where it has everything for you.
  • All your illusions (Maya) gone. You are aware and no other thoughts.
  • One way is – Take a particular symbol as given below. Symbol of medical Plus +.
  • This symbol is common symbol – for the usage – (named Red Plus) as a symbol of medicine.


  • Using the right side brain (alpha state); look at the symbol mentally for 3 minutes and then next 5 minutes, think or say about your health problems or family members or friends health problems or diseases and say or request the universal mind/god to cure these.
  • You can also use affirmative sentences to reach any positive goal like “I am healthy” / “I am a millionaire” etc.
  • Again look at the symbol mentally for 3 minutes.
  • Repeat this for everyday and you will feel lots of differences or changes over the period of time, goal achieved. Be thankful to God.
  • Another way is – now you can record like a film as what you want to achieve in life or business or education etc and that is recorded in this state and executed. You can be in this state for 5 minutes and feel that finally you achieved the goal. Over! And repeat this for everyday for any important goal to be achieved. Subconscious mind (alpha state by right side brain) executes what is recorded in picture or video format.
  • It happens; no doubts. Because it is universal mind which executes all your wishes. Be thankful to God.
  • Record only good things to get good results.
  • You can stay in the meditation state as long as you like. No problems.
  • Mediation not only helps you to achieve only a particular goal, also helps to improve divine blessings more in everything. Removes your karma or blockages.
  • You can use the mudras as well for symbolic meditation by keeping the same meditation (dhyana) mudra in your hands and use the same as symbol too! (perfect alpha symbolic meditation to achieve any goal!)
  • Better to sleep after this symbolic meditation, so do it on bed before sleeping.

Other symbols to achieve different goals.

Symbol to win any situation and to achieve all the needful things!


Like this, many common – universal symbols are there to achieve different goals by meditation. You can request for free guidance (link given below). Click Here to Contact!