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Among many alternative beliefs and systems, astrology is the first and most popular branch of believing past, present and future predictions for personal life, career, marriage, property, illness, travel, finance and so many other things in our life. Many of us are strongly believing the planetary science and the predictions based on the same having correct outcomes directly and indirectly. Basically we need to prepare a chart of horoscope in vedic, western or chinese for predictions. The other areas of astrology streams which are very popular are Numerology & Names, Gemology, Vastu & Feng Shui, Prasannam, Havan (Yagam), Remedies etc. Zodiac services is entrepreneurship service provider of most of the above said areas to help anyone with genuine requirement. [தமிழுக்கு இங்கே பார்க்க!]



Your Zodiac/ Rasi/ Ascendant General Predictions!


Aries (Mesham) : People who are born in this Aries ascendant/rasi always think higher, broad minded and have speedy approach in all the aspects of life. Spontaneity, action-orientation, inspiration, courageousness, driving ability, innovation & open minded are the best qualities of Aries people. They are able to take up higher commanding positions in business, job, social services, politics and other related activities. Some people may reach higher levels in education to be honoured like doctorate or scientist. These people are usually vigorous and possess a strong constitution and also have incredible powers of speedy recovery.

Taurus (Rishabam) : People who are born in Taurus always think positive, stable minded and have clever and smart in all the aspects of life. Integrity, profit oriented, inspiration, courageousness, self-motivated, innovation & open talk are the best qualities of Taurus sign. They are able to take up leading positions in business, job, art/ cinema, social services, politics and other related activities. Rich becomes richer suits well for these people to really rich from childhood at regular intervals to family & self-reach new status level are being blessed. Some are sports personalities to prove their potential winning with higher stamina and spirit to become famous.

Gemini (Mithunam) : People who are born in Gemini always think exclusive, massive, bit disturbed minded and have very smart in all the areas of life. Clarity, business oriented, calmness, self-motivated, innovation, critical thinking, adaptable are the best qualities of Gemini. They are ready to take up any position in business, job, work, social services, politics, industries and other related activities with additional recommendation. Speculation brings good gain in some areas by luck and grace. May bring out of the best and make profits are naturally cultivated in their mind. New inventions are achieved by these people many a time.

Cancer (Katagam) : People who are born in this Cancer always follow logical and technical approach in everything, winning spirit, win-win minded and have very good approach in all the areas. Practical thinking, mind balance, stability, truth, generosity and humanity are the best qualities of this sign. They are generally good in speech, art, cinema, music, mathematics, technology and other related areas. In general, people under this sign must be motivated towards their goals by others by highlighting the qualities of achievements. If proper tactics and patience maintained; winning always at doorstep as they are able to get proper self-guidance to make out anything.

Leo (Simmam) : People who are born in Leo always calm, quiet, lucky, sometimes aggressive and perform above average in all the aspects of life. Steadiness, prioritization, inspiration, alertness, working ability, discovery & luck are the best qualities of Leo people. They are able to take up dedicated way in business/ job, public services, politics, finance, trading and other related activities. The management skills are really excellent to be on top if they intend to manage a larger team or company/ organisation. Double minded decisions can be overcome by common sense; that means think twice before taking important decisions in life including love/ marriage.

Virgo (Kanni) : People who are born in Virgo are always feeling great, happy, gifted and live luxuries in all the areas of life. Motivation, preference, retention, sensitiveness, greater stamina, thoughtfulness are the best qualities of Virgo people. New and useful ways in business/ job, public services, politics, finance, trading and other related activities are always possible. They have little bit fear before starting anything and later get balance while in progress.  There are some masters born in this sign to serve public by creating spiritual awareness and world peace. In some areas, opportunities are created by these people to run the business and employ many under them.

Libra (Thulam) : People who are born in Libra are always feeling great, happy, gifted and live luxury in all the areas of life. The ruling planet is Venus for this sign and if as the moon or mercury takes Venus gives more luck and fame during their major and minor periods. Sometimes they cannot speak many inner feelings and struggling matters or failures to others. But talk to guruji or guide for further proceedings to come out of failures. Family values are maintained very well by every member in the family. Additional support is sure by relatives from both the sides of couple. You need additional support / guidance from a Guruji (guide).

Scorpio (Virchagam) : People who are born in Scorpio are optimistic, extrovert and feeling blessed in all the areas of life. The ruling planet is Mars and Pluto and if as the moon takes Mars or Pluto quarters in stars then gives more joyful life with little struggle during their major and minor periods. Personal life has so many obstacles; may or may not be known to others. Better to keep secrets with you as others may spread rumors across. Most of the people are fine with love or direct marriage to get life partner and lucky. Children are good and supportive always under this star. They know more family values and support well.

Sagittarius (Dhanusu) : People who are born in Sagittarius are kind, blessed, sensible, merciful, helpful and feeling love in all the areas of life. The ruling planet is Jupiter (Guru) for this sign and if as the moon takes Jupiter, it gives more real-life experience with little obstacles during their major and minor periods. Personal life has so many victories and little hurdles then and there. Always the greater work is appreciable. Keep top secrets with you as others may take advantage for their benefits. Travel opportunities are beneficial and make use of the opportunities. You can make your own travel plans for business and work to get more gains.

Capricorn (Makaram) : People who are born in Capricorn are bold, aggressive, courageous, watchful and stable in all the areas of life. The ruling planet is Saturn (Sani) for this sign and if as the moon takes Saturn or related then it gives more real heavenly knowledge with high consciousness. Personal life has so many victories and need to be careful often. Always the greater work is appreciable. No worries to get life partner and you feel sudden surprise and luck by your partner. Politically driven and more aggressive to be on top! Your service and helping nature makes you popular among the team/ organisation or even public.

Aquarius (Kumbam) : People who are born in Aquarius ascendant/rasi always need fame, proud enough to showcase talents, sharp minded and have moderate approach in all the aspect. Awareness, knowledge, inspiration, boldness, ability to win, advancement & marketing skills are the best qualities of Aquarius people. They are able to work smart and hard depending on the situations in business, work, social activities, politics, communication and other related activities. They are believers of divine and able to perform everything in a legal way with lots of confidence in them. These people are able to fight back from the losses and having spirit and incredible powers of success.

Pieces (Meenam) : People who are born in Pieces ascendant/rasi feels mercy with others and need recognition, appreciation to perform more, wise minded with clever approach in all the aspects of life. Work under pressure, wisdom, talent show, open speaking, winning ability, sales & marketing skills are the best qualities of Pisces people. They are able to work under any organisation in business, job, projects, social services, politics, human resources and other related activities. Professional and friendly strategy takes Pisces people to reach positive growth very quickly and keep them stable minded. These people are able to recover if any loss or liabilities quickly with the power of intuition.

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60 to 70 pages predictions with Rasi, Navamsam and Star, Rasi, Lagnam, Birth Desa, Planets and its star quarters, Panchangam predictions like Day of the Week, Birth Star, Thidhi, Karanam, Nithya Yogam, Star Qualities, Basic Calculations, Star Lord and Sub Lords, Rasi, Navamsam, Special Rasi Chakra, Bava Chart, Bava Table, Sudarshana Chakra, Upa-Graga Lords, Charts, Jaimini Calculations, Shodasa Varga Details, 16 charts and calculations, Ashtaka Varga Tables and Calculations, Desa Bhuddhi Details and Periods, Analysis of Lords, Planetary Positions, Malefic and Benefic Planets, Planetary Friendship Charts, Planetary Strengths with Dikbala, Tables, Summary etc. Full available Yogas as per the Horoscope, General houses predictions for 12 houses, Desa Bhuddhi Predictions, Graga (Planets) Dhosham & Remedies, Star Remedies, Desa Remedies, Transit Forcast, Favourable Periods for Career, Marriage, Business & House Construction, Ashtaka Varga Calculations and Predictions.

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Astrology, planets and sun/ moon signs are closely related to their number system where the numbering date of birth, name and predictions over past, present and future which depends on. Click here to know more!

Vastu/Feng Shui

Land/ Building shape, size, direction and location matters to bring good earth energy patters and chi which gives health, wealth, happiness and success as per energy science. Click here to read more!


Depending on the planetary positions in horoscope; to activate the good planet/ to bring the positive vibration of a particular planet, gem stones are suggested. If Saturn is weak/ negative during a particular time, the blue sapphire stone is suggested/ if mercury is negative and by wearing green emerald the same will be adjusted to bring positive and so on. Click here to know about gemstones!

Prasnam/Divine words

As per the prasna sasthra, the particular time and planetary positions in the system will the answer for any query asked. Also shells and lamp prasannam are famous which will give most accurate answers to take a decision for job/ business, marriage etc. As per alternate belief system; this is the best one being followed. Know more on this!

Nadi (Prasna Nandi Nadi)

There are so many Nadi system which is similar to horoscope and prasnam predictions; but the answers we get like a poem from palm leaf or directly by intuition. More details…!

Pancha Pakshi Sastra

Pancha-Pakshi Shastra is based on ancient literature in Tamil language. Pancha means five and Pakshi means Bird. The Pancha-Pakshi system has some resemblance to the Pancha-Bhuta (Five elements) system of Vedic Astrology. It is believed that the Five Elements represented by five birds, influence and control all the actions of human beings…. More Details Here!

Mantra Upadesam

Some simple and effective mula mantras and gayatri mantras can be chanted everyday depending on the Guru upadesam (suggestions from Guruji) as per your astrology or prasnam readings! These mantras can be downloaded from google drive with the below links! Download “Full Mantras!” and “Useful Mantras” (click on links)

Family God (Kula Deivam)

Based on the Hinduism & alternate belief system in vedic culture, there will be a family god or some angelic presence like Ganapathy, Hanuman, Kaali, Murugan etc being worshiped specifically with special pooja ceremonies. Believing that these powers help family and children ….Click Here to Know More!

Healing Services

Holistic healing/ Healing – means taking holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances/ damages and choosing to live a more balanced/ correct lifestyle. What primarily distinguishes holistic healing apart from alternative medicine or complementary medicine and integrative medicine types are that physical health is not only the necessarily the main focus….Click Here for full details!

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