Astrology & Navaranta – Gems (Gem Stones)

The science dealing with natural and artificial gemstones & materials. It is considered to be geoscience. Many jewelers and astrologers are academically trained gemologists and are qualified to identify and evaluate gems and suggest for various sun and moon signs.

The Nine precious gem stones called Navaratnas consist of: Diamonds, Ruby, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Cats Eye, Hessonite, Pearl, and Coral.



(வைரம், முத்து, மரகதம், மாணிக்கம், நீலம், புஷ்பராகம், வைடூரியம், கோமேதகம், பவளம்).

Below table gives quick reference to nine stones which are associated with each planet. As per numerology or astrological chart, one can choose gems correctly to attract luck and positive vibrations. More divine protection and connection established which will protect one’s complete being. This is general suggestion only.Based on the planetary strengths in the horoscope, the suggestions can be made by a good astrologer is the right way to choose to avoid negative effects of the stones. (Based on the Panchang)


But clear and in depth analysis of horoscope is required before any gem stone suggestion. For example, in your horoscope if Jupiter is exalted in the second place of ascendant, then you should not wear Topaz (yellow stone).

But as per numerology, there will be a slight difference for the planets and below table describes lucky stones which are more accurate.


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Hindu Vedic Astrology suggests that by wearing a certain gem stone that is defined by one’s birth star, the wearer is protected and is connected to the governing planet or the deity under which the same gem is placed. Thus, people can choose a given stone based on their star and place them under any specific deity that is being consecrated and installed in a temple. By doing this and, if possible, by wearing this same gem, the devotee is said to establish a direct contact with the deity.

English Sample Report:

Tamil Sample Report:

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Below table gives birth star, ruling planet and gem for the planet to wear. This is general information!


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