Certification and Diploma courses available in the following areas!

8 or 16 Hrs Short Term Certification courses & 30, 60, 90 & 100 Hrs Diploma courses!
(You may get regular, online or correspondence mode too!)
Registered under Govt of Tamilnadu – India


Astrology, Horoscope preparation, Marriage Matching, Problems and Solutions, Prasannam, Numerology, Vastu/ Feng Shui, Tarot, Dowsing Gemology, Writing predictions (Rasi/ Zodiac Palan), Calendar Reading (Panchangam), Fixing auspicious days for marriage, house warming, Child birth, Construction, Travel, etc with complete guidance in person or online directly. Practical guidance /materials provided with samples.

Also be a Certified SoftSkills Trainer to take up your own job/ business with the complete set of 100s of sofskills materials! Click here to read full topics.

Diploma in Computer Applications will be provided to have basic computer operations, word, excel, powerpoint, simple DOS commands and internet & email applications. (DCA). Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA) covers C, C++, JAVA, WINDOWS (X) and LINUX. Contact Here!

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After completing these topics; you will be guided with some practicals or activity based workshops to improve your skills if required.

Below the Certification and Diploma Courses are available!

1. Scientific Astrology (DSA) – Also covers Marriage compatibility, Numerology, Names and Gemstones additionally.
2. Yoga, Mudras and Meditation (DYMM)
3. Astrology Dowsing & Healing (DADH)
4. Vastu & Feng Shui (Certification only)
5. Medical Astrology (DMA)
6. Astrology & Prasanam (DSAP)
7. Tarot Reading (Certification only)
8. Astro Psychology (Certification only)
9. Astro Guidance and Counselling (DAGC)
10.Scientific Astrology & Holistic Healing (DSAHH)
(Pranayama, Meditation, Psycho Symbology, Affirmative Therapy, Mirror Therapy, Yantras& Mantras, Homa Therapy etc)

Certifications are available for all the topics as mentioned below:

  • Astrology
  • Numerology & Names
  • Gemstones
  • Vastu
  • Dowsing and Healing
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Prasannam
  • Tarot Reading
  • Astro Psychology
  • Astro guidance and counselling
  • Holistic Healing

Course Material

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Vedic Astrology Predictions in Brief for 12 Zodiac Signs!

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Diploma in Scientific Astrology (Syllabus)

Level 1Astrology, 27 Stars, 15 Thidhis (Based on Waxing and Vanning moon), 12 Sun/Moon signs, 9 Planetary positions, Ruling signs, Exalted & Debilitation, Moving back and forth, Reversal (ability to reverse nature), Good and Malefic (Suba and Asuba) effect of planets, Quarters of each star and the sign they belong to, Ascendant (Langa) and Rasi (Moon Sign) identification, Preparation of Rasi and Navamsa charts, Other charts discussion, Desa Bhuddhi based on the Date of birth and time (including place of birth), Planetary movements (transit) from Sun, Moon, Mars to Ragu/Ketu, Horoscope preparation using calendar and software (Samples and practical guidance). – Basic

Level 2 – Horoscope compatibility – Marriage matching (Including 10 factors based on the star and other important factors from Ascendant, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses, using Rasi and Navamsa charts), Business partners compatibility and related samples. Problems identification from Charts and suggestion of accurate remedies like divine healing, Worship of a particular deity, yantra (Including mantras) and other angelic assistance. Manglik (including other dhoshams in horoscope) identification and remedy suggestion, Writing predictions and remedies for problems, related topics. – Basic

Level 3 – Fixing or suggesting auspicious days for Engagement, Marriage, House warming, Oath taking, Starting business, School/ College joining, Child birth etc, Why to avoid few things in Chandran Ashtama? (When moon in 8th place of Rasi), Ashtama Sani, 7.5 years Sani and Guru effects in Gocharam (Monthly and Yearly transits of planets). Navagraga Devata and their angelic powers, Escaping from malefic effects of planets. – Intermediate

Level 4 Numerology & Names, Numbers and Letters of Alphabets with different numeric powers, How the numbers are helping to choose a name, person or place etc, Date of birth and Name matching, Find lucky and soul purpose numbers of a person, Planets and their numeric powers, How to match planetary and alphabetical powers to achieve any good result, Practical examples and Sample numerology activities. – Advanced

Level 5 Gemology, Navaratna/ gem (precious) and other stones, activating a planet using a gem stone if required depending on the weak planet position, How to suggest a stone to a particular person permanently  and temporarily. Activities. – Advanced

Please note:

  • If you are already having skills and experience in astrology and need certifications/ diploma only, you must take a short question and answer session or a test / viva answering online or phone directly. Based on your skill set the certifications will be issues after getting proof of document from your end.
  • Direct test/ viva answering for skilled astrologers Certifications may take only 20$ or INR 1500/- and Diploma is 30$ or INR 2000/-
  • Complete guidance with materials, Certifications are only 50$ or INR 3500 and Diploma is 75$ to 100$ depending on the courses you take up. Can be contacted directly via email or phone.
  • Certified Softskill Trainer program takes 30$ or INR 2000/- (with materials worth of 411$ – actually sales for 7$ – totally free).
  • Diploma in Computer Applications is only 20$ or INR 1300/-. Advance Diploma in Computer Applications is only 30$ or INR 2000/-.
  • Additional syllabus and materials will be sent by email if required.


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