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Zodiac Services brings easy and effective way of training Students, Workers, Employees, Sales & Business professionals, Middle Managers, Seniors from various schools, colleges, industries, corporate companies,  marketing and sales agencies, banks, financial institutions and other related sectors with smart way of working by undergoing softskills, inter-personal and outbound skills training.

The complete set of this softskills and corporate skills are free for you to start the business in a day. Instructions and case studies are given in the eBook kindle version at Amazon. Click on the below image or link followed by. Free package for these skills sets links are given at the end of each chapter in the eBook. Wish you good luck!

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The following areas are mainly focused and the training sessions can be taken based on the requirements from each teams or projects.

The sessions are covered with worksheets, presentations, activities (indoor and outdoor) and questioning, ice breakers etc. to keep the attendees live & active.


Corporate/Business SoftSkills Training (A to Z – 135+ topics given below)

Choose any different topics as per your requirement and contact for sessions. Average time taken for 2 topics is around 4 hours including activities. In a day, 4 to 5 topics can be covered depending on the contents and audience catch up.

  1. 7+Cs+of+Effective+Communication
  2. Active Listening
  3. Knowledge Management
  4. Outcome Mapping
  5. Analytical Thinking Training
  6. Anger Management
  7. Assertiveness and Self Confidence
  8. Assertiveness & Management
  9. Attitude
  10. Basic Communication Skills
  11. Basic Listening Skills
  12. Basic Management Skills
  13. Basic Writing
  14. Behavioral Interviewing
  15. Body Language
  16. Brainstorming – Problem Solving
  17. Building Stronger Teams
  18. Building a Learning Organization
  19. Building Confidence
  20. Building Customer Relationships
  21. Business Communication
  22. Business Intelligence
  23. Career Planning skills
  24. Coaching for Employee Performance and Development
  25. Communication Strategies & Styles
  26. Concept Generation
  27. Conducting Effective Meetings
  28. Conflict Management
  29. Conflict Resolution
  30. Constructive Criticism
  31. Contract Negotiations
  32. Creative Problem Solving
  33. Creativity and Innovation
  34. Critical Thinking *
  35. CRM and Information Visualization
  36. Customer Service & Our Behavior
  37. Delegation and Empowerment
  38. Developing Creativity
  39. Developing Leadership Skills
  40. Developing Writing Skills
  41. Digital Citizenship
  42. Effective Communication
  43. Effective Interviewing Techniques
  44. Effective Meeting Skills
  45. Effective Presentations Skills
  46. Effective Public Speaking
  47. Effective Resume
  48. Email Etiquette
  49. Emotional Intelligence
  50. Employee Empowerment
  51. Employee Training and Development
  52. Employers view
  53. English Grammar & Interview Skills
  54. Enhancing Personal Effectiveness
  55. Entrepreneurship
  56. Fears in Selling
  57. Facilitation Skills *
  58. Goal Setting and Getting Things Done *
  59. Group Discussion
  60. Guide to Brainstorming
  61. Guide to Interviewing
  62. Handling Questions and Objections
  63. How to Communicate with Right Attitude
  64. How To Speak Properly During Group Discussions
  65. IELTS-an overview
  66. Implementing Large-Scale Organizational Change
  67. Improving Performance Through Empowerment, Teamwork and Communication
  68. Interpersonal Skills
  69. Interview Guide
  70. Interview Preparation
  71. Interview Process
  72. Interview Questions and Hiring Process
  73. Interview Skills Workshop
  74. Interview Techniques
  75. Interviewing Strategies and Skills
  76. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
  77. Introduction to Assertiveness
  78. Introduction to Organizational Behavior
  79. Job Analysis
  80. Job Interview
  81. Job Interviewing for Students
  82. Key Principles for Resolving Interpersonal Conflict
  83. Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Presentation
  84. Leadership Skills & Influence
  85. Leadership in Management
  86. Learning Organization
  87. Listening Skills
  88. Managerial Roles and Skills
  89. Market Analysis and Research
  90. Marketing Skills & Strategies
  91. Mentoring & Success
  92. Motivation and Teamwork
  93. Negotiation Skills
  94. Organization Management
  95. Performance Management *
  96. Personal Branding
  97. Personal Effectiveness
  98. Personality Development
  99. Positive Attitude
  100. Positive Thinking
  101. Preparing for Job Interview
  102. Presentation and Skills
  103. Problem Solving and Six Thinking Hats
  104. Project Management
  105. Public Speaking
  106. Resource Support for Career Counseling
  107. Resume Writing
  108. Rules for Brainstorming
  109. Salary Negotiation
  110. Sales Attitude
  111. Self Confidence
  112. Soft Skills for Successful Career
  113. Soft Skills Induction Program
  114. Soft Skills Training
  115. Soft Skills Vs Hard Skills
  116. Strategy Analysis
  117. Stress Management
  118. Successful Interviewing
  119. Successful Professional Salespeople
  120. SWOT Analysis
  121. Talent Management *
  122. Teaching Listening Skills
  123. Team Work and Team Building *
  124. Techniques For Leading Group Discussions
  125. Telephone Customer Service Training
  126. Telephone Etiquettes
  127. Telework and Telecommuting
  128. The Learning Organization Presentation
  129. Time and Stress Management Skills
  130. Time Management
  131. Transactional Analysis
  132. Transferable Skills
  133. Vendor Management
  134. Understanding and Teaching Spoken English
  135. Work Ethic and MORE…….

PLUS + English Grammar Training Games and Activities(EGTGA) with References, Icebreakers, Training manuals, Vocabulary Worksheets, Call Center/BPO Training, Expansion Activities, Grammar Activities and so on.

PLUS + Internet Marketing and Social Media (SMIM) with complete worksheets, and PPTs for training along with…

WITH Full Training Manual, Instructor Guide, Icebreakers, Activities, PowerPoint Slides, Quick Reference Sheets along with the training materials.


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