Zodiac Services opens up opportunity as a part of book publishing; to work from home and earn money by writing e-books.
Spend your free time by typing e-books with 50 to 150 pages maximum in word document & submit.
Everybook, if meets the requirements will be paid from 2500 Rupees/ 35 US$ (50 to 60 pages) or 3750 Rupees/ 55 US$ (upto 100 pages) or 5000 Rupees/ 75 US$ (upto 150 pages).

Any good topic can be selected as follows:

Health & Fitness, yoga, meditation, fat burning, diet control, food recipes, gymnasium/workouts…Like this you can choose divine, astrology, science & technology, maths, therapies, management,  stories, jokes, public awareness, social activities, money making business categories etc.
Tips – Best 100 tips for healthy life, best 100 office practises for effective outcome, 50 tips to achieve sales target, Best 100 home/ kitchen tips etc.
Recipes – Top 50 south Indian recipes, Top 50 north Indian recipes, Top 100 Indian or Chinese recipes etc.
Skills – Top 20 mandatory skills everyone should have, top 25 soft skills must be followed …etc
Marketing – Drawbacks of some marketing skills, Effective 10 marketing skills to achieve real targets etc.
Do not copy from web/internet directly; but ideas & topics can be taken. Copied contents from internet directly will be rejected. 
You can convert any books at home into soft-copy and send us with your creative ideas included.
All the contents font to be Calibri (Body) of 14 size. This must be followed strictly in the word document!


Also if pictures are included, it should not be more than 30% of the entire content or in a page/ topic!

Send your topic by email and register first to avoid duplicating with others. Once we confirm your topic with the name and title, the proceed writing and then submit.
Hand written copies in a neat white paper or notebooks are also accepted. Schools or college/university subjects can be included.
Some guidelines for easy book writing:
  • You can check if your content is already available online using plagiarism checker URL (App also available for android and ios)
  • If your contents are already over the internet by mistake, please rephrase or change the sentence without affecting the meaning using  (App also available for android and ios). Another application up to 10000 characters phrase or sentence change is available in
  • There are many speech to text software/ Apps are available in google store. You can have any one of these and speak what to type. It will convert your speech to text which will be easy to edit later.
  • Also Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applications are available in google store; which you can download to scan any page from books like Eng, Tamil etc and convert then in to characters using them. You can also use Google Docs for the same purpose to write books.
  • Google Lens is another application which will be very helpful for taking pictures from other books or materials and then convert into text for quick references.
  • Tamil scripts can also be converted in Tanglish! Check those apps too!

For more details contact  or

You can also reach out to +91 – 9840485812 (Call/ WhatsApp).

Disclaimer: Full payment will be given to good grammatical and best content coverage plus attractive topics. Spelling, grammar mistakes, worthless topics may reduce the payment accordingly. Also contents should not violate any ethical/ moral or core values of any country law/ political, religion, community/ society or individual in any manner. Payment is once time per book and Zodiac Services will have the copy rights. If the book is rejected, then there will not be any payment given and Zodiac Services will not use your contents anywhere. Please do consult before start writing and discuss the topic.

Download sample books from the below links (for your reference only):

Another sample book:

  • We do not collect any advance payment from any of the content creators/ writers.
  • Once the topic is approved between the content creator/ writer & Zodiac Services; You must sign NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement/ contract to agree that the content would not be sold out/ published via/ to any other publishers online / offline.
  • Aadhar Card or Driving License copy must be submitted as ID/address proof.
  • Full payment will be settled as per the agreement signed.