Marriage/ Love Compatibility [Matching]

As per vedic method of checking compatibility for love & marriage, if the same will be in favour longlife or not. Here mainly we have to check horoscopes of both (male & female) for the best matching based on star and planetary positions in the horoscope. There are ten matching factors (given below), atleast basic  “Rajju” factor (ரஜ்ஜு பொருத்தம்) matching is mandatory. If not, we don’t advice the couple to proceed for marriage for the safer side as this may give frequest trouble and dangerous situations in life in alternative astrology belief system.

All the planetary positions for any dhosham/ problems to be checked in both horoscopes and then we have to proceed next.

Dhosham or Dhosh is a term can be defined as a malific effect of planet(s) or weakness of good planets which will not be beneficial for couple. (Mainly we check for Mars, Ragu, Ketu and Sani planets for dhosham and 2, 5, 7, 8 and 12th houses from lagnam (ascendant) in both the horoscopes.

The following 10 factors to match (any 5 including RAJJU – ரஜ்ஜு are fine to join both horoscopes)
Dhinam – தினம்
Ghanam – கணம்
Magendram – மகேந்தரம்
Sthree Dhirgam – ஸ்திரீ தீர்க்கம்
Yoni – யோனி
Rasi – ராசி
Rasi Adhipathi – ராசி அதிபதி
Vasiyam – வசியம்
Rajju (mandatory) – ரஜ்ஜு
Naadi – நாடி (வேதை)

Mainly we have to check for 5 dhosham:

Kalatra dhosham (களத்ர தோஷம்)
Kala Sarba dhosham (கால சர்ப தோஷம்)
Chevvai dhosham (செவ்வாய்  தோஷம்)
Suba Kathri dhosham (சுப கத்திரி தோஷம்)
Suka Sthana dhosham etc (சுக ஸ்தான தோஷம்)

The above matchings can be done only if both the horoscopes available correctly. Else we have to check in PRASANNAM” (பிரசன்னம்) to get divine words to proceed with matching few factors for marriage. Chozi / Dheepa prasannam will be mainly chosen for any other matchings/ decisions.

Another method is
Matching by names. (பெயர் ராசி பொருத்தம்)
Every name starting letter has a particular star associated with it. Taking first letters of names (boy & girl) and find stars of both (like Ashwini, Bharani, Kirthigai etc).
If matching found then they can marry. But this is the last choice if all the above methods are not done.

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