Roulette is one of the challenging and strategic casino betting games where we keep limited stakes for betting to get profit depending upon the strategy we use. The percentage of winning chances would be up to 98% approximately if proper mathematical approach and strategy used with the numbers or sections on the board. Obviously, if we are bit careless and lazy to miss any sequence strategy; leads to minimum or maximum loss. So the roulette must be played very carefully with stable mind and quite intelligent approach only for limited time in a day or week. Keep in mind that if we play long hours continuously; roulette wins! So keep the play minimum in a day.s

Though the roulette game comes under kind of gambling; it is like a chess board where you will win if properly played with advanced techniques.

European and American roulette games are very popular and we choose European roulette example throughout this book to understand well and increase winning chance. European roulette has single zero ‘0’ and American roulette has double ‘0’, ‘00’s where almost playing style is same with approaches.

So, if you keep 100$ and start playing by following proper strategy with your mathematical/calculative brain, then surely earning levels are from 3% to 5% that is 3 to 5$ a day or maximum 10$ a day. Do not try more than this target for the safer side. Spend only some 30 minutes maximum daily at least for 20 days a month; you can easily make out 60% return on investment monthly.

There are many different types of casinos are available like direct casinos in club where really you can play with the people and second approach is to play online. Let us focus online casinos for our games where we play with available online casino vendors.

We released Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of “Roulette Winning Made Easy” in amazon as a kindle version e-book. Paper book also available in US, EU, Japan etc!

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Above ebooks are free for Amazon Kindle readers. If you are not a subscriber at Amazon, then just install the kindle for free and pay minimum single digit amount and download the above ebooks. Couple of methods in the above mentioned books are treasure to make some 3 to 5% profit everyday!

Though there are many casinos/sites for playing with dollars, pounds and euros; INDIO CASINO ( is a good site for playing in Indian Rupees. You can directly register and download the same (European roulette or Penny roulette) to play with easy steps! [play with fun money first before investing]

You can also try ( ) for playing with dummy money in dollars. Then try for real money!

Also try to learn the following strategies/ Methods to play with roulette from basics to advance levels.

  • Martingale Roulette System
  • Reverse Martingale
  • D’Alembert Roulette System
  • Reverse D’Alembert
  • Fibonacci Roulette System
  • Reverse Fibonacci
  • Labouchere Roulette System
  • Cover the Table
  • Flat Betting
  • Oscar’s Grind
  • Red and Black Strategies
  • Dozens and Columns
  • James Bond Roulette System
  • FOBT System

Please search sites like or where you can learn some theory and approaches to play roulette at best.

Do not try to go for roulette computers or number generators or any other cross cut cheating methods where you will lose your brain and money to play really with the roulette system. Believe in your talent and knowledge; learn well and really you can perform at the best.

Some of the online casino vendors are “Royal Panda”, “Royal Vegas”, “Spin Palace”, “Best 365”, “Indio Casino”, “1Cent Casino” etc. As we are giving only few strategic approach or techniques to win the roulette game for money, more about these online casinos can be searched in the sites like etc or google the same.

These online casino sites are giving free play of roulette where you can use dummy money to play and learn. First practice any methods of strategies in that and then play with your hard earned money to win. Do not play with the real money unless you are at expert level to play roulette.

These book is not for learning history or basics/ full strategies of roulette games. Please learn roulette theory of basics first by searching in google or from the above mentioned sites and then go through these methods. It has few roulette strategic approaches to win or gain 3% to 5% or even 10% to 15% everyday of your investment. Couple of methods given in this book are really a treasure and out of thousands of iterations with the profit of more than 100%. This winning/ returns are possible in a month or so. But if people are greedy they may loose more than what they invested; so daily if you limit your profit, you will have reasonable bulk returns like 30% to 50% every month. Without dragging much let us dive in to the topics. Happy Casino Playing!

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Note: Read the disclaimer and conclusion part of these books very clearly before acting on anything related to roulette.