Alternate belief system is growing fast and people need quick and tangible answers for any decision making and solutions for personal or general problems every day. Though many systems are bit costly and trustworthy, everyone is unable to get the service quickly due to their difficult conditions and bulk payment for a single query. Our service makes everything easy for anyone to get Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Namology, Decision Making in Personal life and Business etc in one dollar where mostly in need of one genuine answer from the chart or as per their time or divine words. Zodiac Services proudly introduces free/cheaper service for first time only [via email or whats app – check below or contact page for email and number] in the following areas to fulfill the requirements as everything in life is having value. We are very thankful and encourage your continuous support. God bless!



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You may have queries/ questions like:

Sample Query 1:My date of birth is 12-04-1990 and my name is John Mathew. Is my name fine as per numerology/ naming?

Ans: Lucky number is 3 and destiny number is 8 as per date of birth. That is Jupiter and Saturn. Name has number 7 in total. One additional “N” during your signature will solve the problem. That is Johnn Mathew will give the total 3 and matches your lucky number.

Sample Query 2: My name is Krishna and my star is Ashwini as per vedic horoscope. Can I buy flat/ house in south direction?

Ans: Based on your name the lucky number is 1 (Sun lord – East). As your star is Ashwini, comes under Aries moon sign where Mars is the lord (South). So you can choose east or south and absolutely no problem.

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