Life Grows with Us! Path to Enlightenment!

Improve your status, health, wealth, abundance & personality naturally by Affirmative Therapy – Simple Mind Management Technique!


Achieve anything positive in your life! Simple mind, body and soul balance!

No need to close your eyes. No Yoga or sitting postures. Just do it at your comfort!

Mind is everything! What you think you become. When you achieve something; you feel so positive, energetic, happy and confident. You smile and showing happiness to yourself and others. Sometimes motivating others too! Sounds great?

But on the other side of this is being negative, sad and hopeless when you loose or do not achieve the goal.

Obviously, it should or it works like when you think positive and feels winning a situation; putting your effort well and finally you are achieving.

Desires create thoughts and then related vibrations produced as our source energy blessing us to achieve our goals. Then it creates materialization or manifests in reality.

Both works – i.e. Achievement leads to Happiness and Confidence! & vice versa. How to be in win – win situation? It is very simple. As mind is everything, just motivate yourself with positive affirmative sentences – a simple and effective mind exercise involves conscious, sub conscious and super conscious brings mind, body and soul together to win and achieve the target!

This is a simple therapy called affirmative therapy (Law of Attraction) where you spend 10 min on bed before sleeping or before getting up – which you do it yourself or get the guidance from any guru or teacher. But this can be done at any time everyday as per your convenient time. Do it while driving, working, eating, running etc!

If you think your prayers would work very well, then after your prayers; say

“My prayers are answered” – 10 times.

This is one of the best and most successful affirmative sentence/ therapy on which you can stick on to get excellent results!

First of all before starting this, if you believe in prayers, please pray to god or chant any one of god names 10 times (You can also simply say “Praise the lord” – 10 times or “God is great” – 10 times.) and then start repeating the affirmative sentences 10 times each. Else directly you can start as per your wish.

Next, repeat the following (10 times each!):

1. Today is a good day!  

2. Today is a lucky day!

3. I am healthy!

4. I am rich!

5. I am happy!

That’s it for basic affirmative therapy. But, when you cross 3rd or 5th day or in a week atleast you see some positive things happen around or hear some good news about you in work or family or travel etc depending on the situation.

Most of the affirmative sentences are as simple as mentioned above; but the power of these sentences are recorded in our mind and reflect on us from this world and the entire universe! Like a mirror it puts back on us.


  • It eliminates bad or negative thoughts and brings the positive side of life and the mind, body & soul feels very happy.
  • Removes physical and mental stress and all you feel rejuvenated.
  • You are in present and think the moment is great and blessed.
  • You feel so lucky and become fit mentally that changes your behavior appreciated/ surprised by others.
  • Cures diseases, pain and keeps you healthy.
  • More confidence, achievement, winning ability and polite in nature.
  • Increases your wealth, abundance and prosperity; naturally by boosting your work wisely and intelligently and so on. (Thousands of advantages!)

Note: If you want to be rich then you have to align your inner energy vibration with complete feel of the same by repeating ” I AM RICH” routinely everyday 50 or 100 times. Similarly to get happiness or Joy the “I AM JOY” or “I AM HAPPY” will keep tuned the same quality and same with other qualities too!

You may realize that your life changing after repeating these affirmations by feeling and being that quality itself as vibration manifests to reach your goal. Be still and feel the vibration to be one with GOD.

You can fill any positive quality after “I AM” become closer to god and if any negativity added to “I AM”then keeps you away from Divine. Feel vibration in you. Feel Divine in you! Amen!

 Happy Affirmative Therapy! Happy Enlightenment!