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Zodiac Services & Technologies (Part of RNP consultants) – started in 2010 to serve people in education, consulting, technology, training & development, career counselling etc. Also people who believe or accept  or obey in alternative beliefs like astrological predictions, prayers, remedies, arul vakku/prasannam (divine words), vedic guidance for short or long term problems, vastu, numerology, gem stones, yantras, mantras or rituals (related areas), yoga, meditation, counselling etc. Assisting the entrepreneurship business for the above mentioned areas theoretically and practically from to serve better for mankind.  As we did not mention on many testimonials in the website, so many hundreds of people around the world received astrological and divine guidance, yantras & mantra upadesam, divine words (soothe saying/prasannam), rituals (pooja) & homam and other related remedies as well with the help of subject matter experts. Having senior consultants for various services like astrology and remedies; including business and development, having extended experience in IT + Management areas developed the website and online marketing using different digital business strategies and continue the service very well to extend further.

Our prayers continue along with the divine guidance & services for all the religious people to achieve their goals under the law of universe. May God shower his blessings on everyone to realise, worship and pray him ever!

We guide & provide the following dedicated services (including consulting) effectively based on the requirement of clients/ customers.

Basic Services Provided

  • Business/ Education consulting & guidance.
  • Software training & development plus career counselling.
  • Vedic, Western, Tarot & Chinese Astrology – Horoscope/ Jadagam preparation (Simple with basic chart & Detailed with Desa Buthi).
  • Marriage compatibility (10 to 15 matching factors considered along with birth chart matching)/ Problems & Remedies.
  • Astrology and Marriage guidance & counselling.
  • Remedies based on the horoscope or prasannam/ Dhosha nivarthi
    (Methods to reduce bad effects of planets like Mars, Ragu-Ketu, Sani & Guru or dhosham like pithru shabam, sthree shabam etc).
  • Desa Bhuddhi/ Gochara – planets’ effect predictions and parigaram/ pooja.
  • Suggestions on Yantras, Rakshas and other holy products for reducing bad effects and attracting good divine patterns for complete success in life.
  • Poojas & Homam (Havan) can be performed based on the requirements.
  • Vaastu/ Feng Shui – high level design/ suggestions to new/ existing flat/ land or buildings etc.
  • Numerology – Birth date, name numbers for success and advices accordinlgly.
  • Gemology – Suggestions of gems/ lucky stones to improve life in one way.
  • Prasannam with dowsing + shells Indian + Western methods – Divine reading for anyone about job, love, marriage, travel, business etc and other divine related services.
  • Prasanna Jeeva Nadi reading for specific life problems.
  • Tarort – Predictions based on western tarot spreads.
  • Learn astrology and serve to help others for goodwill. (Earn diploma in Scientific astrology, holistic healing or astro psychology and counselling).
  • Alternative therapy and healing methods and suggestions.
  • Online/ Offline business consulting & Digital marketing solutions – way to improve revenue and growth.

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